I believe you could wake up feeling energized and excited for the day ahead – every day


What if you could come back quickly to that place of calm + strength... no matter what was thrown at you?


Imagine if you could be the happiest person you know, with less spirals of self-doubt, fear + negativity?


Ever wonder if you could actually HAVE that amazing, fulfilling life and work situation you’ve dreamed about?



Here's why I have been led to do what I do with like-minded, working women. As a child, growing up in a small village in Cornwall, England, I drew my inspiration from my mum and dad who were a loved-up pair of entrepreneurs in their twenties. They manifested a millionaire lifestyle by doing things differently to everyone else - and it worked. But when I was 3 years old, and my Dad was just 33, he collapsed with a massive heart attack.

Only it wasn’t a heart attack, it was a rare and advanced adrenal tumour wrapping around his heart. He was given 10 days to live. There was ‘nothing they could do’.

Life, as they knew it, was over.

Except it wasn't. My parents lost everything – the money, the big house, the businesses but somehow it didn’t seem to affect them like it might other people. They had each other and they had me. The strangest thing was that my dad's way of thinking and feeling forever changed that day. He was happy, inspired and full of the joys of life, despite the knowledge that any day could be his last. That was precisely WHY he enjoyed his life. And, to the shock of the medical profession his last day, as I sat holding his hand in his deathbed, came an incredible 14 years later. My dad decided to LIVE HIS LIFE. Really live in joy. Not sadness, not defeat, not MEH, not spiralling into self-pity and letting fear get a hold of his mind. He defied medical professionals, he rebelled against the limiting beliefs that could have consumed him. He lived a fulfilling life, living out his passions and refusing to settle into the myth that there was 'nothing he could do' about his cancer. He knew he there was something he could do. He could control his THOUGHTS, his MINDSET, his EXPECTATIONS, his entire VIBRATION -  and therefore his ACTIONS and his RESULTS.

Alongside my mum, who shared the same vibe, my Dad inspired me to live a different kind of life rooted in New Thought, affirmations, study, intuition, divine guidance and the principles of the Universal Laws. Combining these metaphysical techniques with inspired action, some hard work and a willingness to surrender to an aligned life has led me to live my purpose and achieve a life of joy.

Don't get me wrong, while I've had many 'ups', I've had more than my share of 'downs'. I've lost people very close to me, I've gone through a divorce from my childhood sweetheart, I've raised my teenage son as as a single, working mother, I've almost gone blind, I've beaten cancer and, like everyone I've encountered a lot of dickbags along the way who have tried to bring me down but because of my Mindset, nothing defeats me ;) For a long time now, I've manifested my dream life by design and I simply don't believe it has to be hard if we know what steps to take and we are strategic about them.

And I really know how to SLAY now... so if you want to join in, let's F-ing do this!

DISCLAIMER: I am passionate about this work, I'm intuitive and honest... and I do swear! I get results for my clients by being 100% me and I'm proud of motivating my clients to achieve what they want.


To give you an overview of my life and show you that I practise what I preach (!) - here's where I am now:
Landed a multimillion riverside dream house (the exact one I put in my vision board 10 years ago).
Have the man of my dreams and a wonderful, supportive relationship (who I manifested the exact same day as i finished a month-long manifestation process I created)
Resigned from my 6-figure boardroom Corporate Media job to set up a thriving coaching and speaking business (making triple my income in the first month).
Achieved the flexible, portfolio career of my dreams by founding my own TV Formats company, which I own and run on my own terms as CEO.
Decided to have an asset-driven, non-salaried passive income, growing at breakneck speed - and achieved it.
Unapologetically enjoying and expecting a LUXE lifestyle and being unavailable for lack in any area of my life.
Unbothered about naysayers BUT hugely bothered that other women know the power of self-belief, manifestation and mindset - and what it can do to transform and up-level your life and work.
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I can help if you’re the sort of woman who...

Wants to be the STAR of her own show and you know that this elusive breakthrough won’t just ‘turn up’ on it’s own… you are ready to see how far you can go. 

DISCLAIMER: I have no time for victim mentalities, mediocrity or excuses. Slay or be defeated? It’s  an ongoing choice. Slay Coaching is only available for curious, conscious, A-playing women who have dreams to make happen.

Are you willing to invest time, energy and the necessary dedication to actually achieve your Ultimate Life?


Do you KNOW inside that you are meant for more but wonder why it seems easy for some women?

Then HEY, I’m your woman and this is meant for you - let's get you onto the Slay vibes.




'Unleashing Your Ultimate YOU!’

STEP 1: THE MINDSET YOU NEED TO GET WHAT YOU WANT.  All about the Top 1%'s connection to mindset + how to be the boss lady of your own mind.

STEP 2: YOUR FIRST ‘LIFE’ CHECK-UP. Discovering Your Energy Drains: your unique Happiness Heptagram Results with the Ultimate E.M.P.R.E.S.S. checklist. 

STEP 3: YOUR NON-NEGOTIABLES. Values, needs + congruency. How to become aligned to your highest potential in work + love and CLAIM your desired life. 

STEP 4: YOUR PERSONALITY LOCKDOWN.  My signature 360’ anonymous assessment of YOU. Personality Profiling for awareness + upgrades in work + love. Discovering your 3 main Archetypes. 

STEP 5: PERSONAL BRANDING for Profitability, Power + Success: Your unique USP.  Positioning, networking and negotiation in relationships + work. Your social media presence assessment + more.

STEP 6: PRO-VISIONING. Clarity of Desire and creating your personal Vision. Your personal Mission statement + mantra.

STEP 7: RESULTS AND RESOLUTIONS. As the Next Chapter of your life begins, we create your Future Story. 


"I first met Poppy ten years ago working in MTV. She’s always had such a brilliant work ethic and an infectious enthusiasm that she brings to all parts of her life. She’s an inspirational powerhouse of a woman and I doubt there’s anything she can’t do. She’s also a great friend. "

Laura Whitmore
TV Presenter, actor + UNICEF Ambassador

"Poppy is a supportive and successful boss lady who recognises the talents in women and supercharges them. She’s warm-hearted, she cares and she’ll champion you. I’d recommend her in a flash if you want someone badass to upgrade your life! 💥"

Imani Evans
Brand Influencer


I am convinced that if you follow my unique 7 step transformational system - and do the work - then you'll stop calling in the crap, stop believing society's story that you can't be who you want to be, stop putting your dreams on hold, stop settling for OKAY and instead become a SEXY-ASS MAGNET for your ULTIMATE LIFE. You'll get out of those fearful negativity loops faster and faster until you suddenly become a MANIFESTATION QUEEN like me, happily designing your own ABUNDANT, HEART-CENTRED and BADASS LIFE of LUXE and PURPOSE in WORK and LOVE. Nothing less. 


Are you ready to deep dive into what you are truly capable of? 





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