"I first met Poppy ten years ago working in MTV. She’s always had such a brilliant work ethic and an infectious enthusiasm that she brings to all parts of her life. She’s an inspirational powerhouse of a woman and I doubt there’s anything she can’t do. She’s also a great friend."

Laura Whitmore
TV presenter, actress + UNICEF Ambassador

Poppy Delbridge...

Is a sought-after Life Coach and Business Mentor for proactive women who want to soulfully and successfully raise their game from the inside out.

She's unlike other coaches in that she is also a creative businesswoman actively running multiple companies, having over 15 years experience at the forefront of Television Format creation. She took the leap and left a Board-level role within Warner Brothers to scale up her coaching business, create the SLAY brand and set up her own collaborative TV Formats Company, 'The Empress Way', which creates and connects content ideas to on-screen talent and production companies via broadcasters and networks globally.

Within the Media industry, Poppy is a well-known TV Exec and Creative with expertise in creating, developing, branding, selling and producing mainstream shows globally. She also works very closely with agents and PR's to launch both new on-screen talent and create show ideas for established A-list household names. She has worked across Entertainment, Scripted, Panel and topical news shows, such as: The Voice, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Would I Lie to You, Ellen De Generes' Little Big Shots and the Charlie Brooker shows to name a few. 

Poppy is a regular BAFTA Jury Member for her genre, plus an industry speaker and panellist. She works with BBC, MTV, The Royal Television Society, ITV, MIP Com, Channel 4, Netflix, Facebook and E4 to name a few. She has been featured in Glamour magazine as one of the 'Most Powerful Women in TV' and won the prestigious 'Hotshot Award' for TV Production and Development in the leading industry magazine, Broadcast.

Her coaching and female empowerment career is built upon her creativity background and her lifelong passion for New Thought, namely manifestation and mindset re-alignment. She's 100% into guiding women to unlock their highest potential and their most aligned lifestyle.

With her knowledge of the Media world, her work aims to serve working women who lead themselves, their own brands or others. More often than not, she coaches founders, CEOs, visionaries, creatives, screen stars, journalists and public figures.

Poppy's network revolves around London and LA - she's a Founding Member, regular speaker, curator and Ambassador for The AllBright - the first Private Members Club for professional working women. She also helps facilitates the AllBright Academy alongside the team.

Poppy is the Founder and curator of the SLAY brand: the luxury self-care and self-discovery London network created to recalibrate and inspire working women through retreats. She kicked off her SLAY Stories event - and intimate Q+A with her guests TV host and actress Laura Whitmore and psychotherapist and author Philippa Perry. 

Poppy is also a Personal Coach to a select group of successful, curious and conscious women who want to empower themselves, polish what they've got and receive a think-outside-the-box, soul-aligned strategic mentoring experience towards a more fulfilled lifestyle or business. Intuition, mindset shifts and manifestation techniques play a big part in the way she works and she’s creatively invested from the word ‘GO’ in helping other women achieve their dreams.

Poppy is also a mother so she 'gets' the juggle -  a single working mum to her teenage son. Put simply, she practises what she preaches and she works with her clients to get them into this joyful state too.

""Poppy is dazzlingly creative but also one of the most inspiring and nurturing professionals out there. She's a warrior for women and the perfect person to have in your corner.""

Alexis Price
Creative Director, Koska

" Last December I was stuck in a rut. I was down about many aspects of my life, frustrated and fed up with work, felt like I had no control over my love life and I generally felt depressed. I mean I didn’t have depression but I was not my usual happy self, I knew that much. Then, early December, I met Poppy at one of her talks. This meeting, which I now know to be manifestation, was the start of great things. Now, only 4 months later, I have the job of my career and have never felt happier about my life. I have taken back control and realised it was all possible, I just needed to see my life and my abilities in a different way. Poppy enabled this. She taught me about manifestation and the power I hold over my destiny and my life and how I harness this to make things happen for me. I would never have gone for the job I now have had it not been for Poppy, let alone actually get the job! Her encouragement, positivity and ability to help me see myself clearly has literally changed my life. This is only the start of my journey on this path that Poppy has shown but, but what a start! Thank you Poppy, I feel bloody awesome thanks to you! "

Lou Maugahn
Head Teacher

Mostly though...

Poppy is fun, solutions-based, high-vibed and intuitively guided. Her own coaches include Media industry leaders, spiritual gurus and global leaders. 

She believes in positive disruption, newness, the power of Mindset and the sacred art of 'getting things done'.

She lives happily in her riverfront home in West London. She enjoys cooking, cocktails and saying 'fuck' a lot. She hates doing the dishes. She likes a laugh and consistently overdresses. 

She's always interested in learning new stuff -  whether that's pottery, creating an app, painting or investing in seed enterprises.

Things she's proud of includes: achieving a First in her BA degree (majoring in cultural psychoanalysis) whilst having her baby son; her ability to drink a lot of champagne; getting a 5 star Guardian review for one of her TV series; and the way she can cook a delicious pasta sauce out of any old leftovers.

For more on her personal story and life journey please look into the 7 STEP SLAY SYSTEM tab above.

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