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Q: How often do we say this?
If we have one shred of productive, busy, exciting and varied lives - then WOAH -  we are living in the spice of life!
Momentum is a powerful thing isn't it? But do we give ourselves enough of a disciplined push to start that momentum going in the first place? Do we look at the good, the fun stuff, the good bits (however small) and focus in on them so that feeling inside of us (the one where we feel fired up and smile to ourselves, maybe do a tiny dance alone to a mirror - THAT one!) builds and grows?
I always say that if something is going well, tap into the momentum building around the goodness within it - and keep thinking it will stay that way - and bit-by-bit you'll start to see changes in the way you view the happenings of your life.
If fear comes in to bug you (and it DOES) - it's okay....
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SO WHAT? You are in a state of flux. Congrats babe! x


Transitioning and changing is a hard thing to do. Or we are certainly taught to believe that a route from A to B won’t be plain sailing. It’s at best, tough. At worst, it’s impossible.


But I ask myself all the time… IS THIS ACTUALLY TRUE?


When you strip it all back. When you remove the doubts we grown to accept as normal. When we understand that transitions are necessary… is it actually true that it is hard?


From what I’ve seen… it might be challenging, it might be new, it might be unknown, it might require faith… but it does not need to be HARD. It can happen freely. Change and transition can be accepted into your journey of life.


You’re thinking of leaving a horrible, unfulfilling, well-paid job that doesn’t speak to your soul? You have a nagging doubt that your relationship is not serving you or you dreams? Don’t worry. It IS challenging. It IS flux. It is PROGRESS. But it...

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Right, I feel like on the day I launch the January Edition of SLAY RETREATS it's time to tell it like it is. 

I don't like to follow rules and I don't like to do what I am supposed to do. 

I just do what I know is true and what feels correct and aligned for me. Like going for a drink with my friend to talk about the TV company on the night of my launch, then going home and having a long dinner with my son and deciding to do more the extra launch work tomorrow... because the.world.carries.on. And I set the rules.

It's a rebel heart thing. 

Anyone else feel like this? It's like I'm born to be a bit of a rule-breaker, to challenge the status quo, to question things that we consider to be fact or 'must-do'. I'm like, WHY? 

I'm all about doing what we feel is true, following your true path and doing what you simply MUST do if you burnt down all your old belief systems (the ones that don't serve you) and everything you know as reality (because you...

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I did a PODCAST... well, I was a guest on one. ;)

I reveal all... sort of. Actually quite a lot. Yep!

I was invited to be the weekly guest on this lovely Entrepreneurial podcast ran by this inspiring couple. I hope you like it.

It goes into my story, why I do what I do and lots about formatting (which is the TV Exec side of me). It's good to get out there and just tell everyone how they can do this stuff themselves - it starts with a decision.... it then leads to inspired action... it requires self-belief (which you can totally acquire for yourself if you work on it) and it takes massive leap of faith. It then requires an energy of expectation and knowing. Knowing you are supported in your actions because you feel they are your true purpose and passion. 

I found it pretty exciting actually - and whilst I'm used to being behind the camera, behind the production and behind the scenes in terms of the TV stuff... I was grateful for the chance to talk about what I am passionate about and hope that anyone sitting on the fence about...

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STAND THE F OUT... And don't be like the rest of them, darling.

When I was a little girl I stood out. I had freckles, pigtails, smiled constantly and was dressed by my mother like a small Victorian boy. 

People would genuinely stop and point at me in the street. I mean, I wore fake leather ties, bloomers and little moccasin shoes. And I skipped everywhere. 

When we went to parties, she'd create totally OTT dresses made out of velvet or shiny fabric for me. I carried matching handbags, which she also made me. And I parade around corridors, getting into conversations with adults and dancing whenever possible. I was constantly teetering on the borderline of Vogue / Big Fat Gypsy Wedding vibes. 

And you know what, all the attention stood me in good stead. It made me comfortable with having all eyes on me. It gave me confidence. It made me understand that attention is actually a quite lovely form of low-level love, rather than something to be terrified of. 

I now follow the advice of Coco Chanel... "keep...

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PATIENCE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND... How to get what you want by being impatient!

Really Poppy?

You want it NOW?

You don't want to be patient like a good girl and wait your turn and trust that, at some point, all the nice things you do in life will pay you back ten fold? 

Seriously, Poppy, you don't want to sit back and wait...just...-a...little...bit....longer?

Nah, thanks. 

I WANT IT. All of it. All the stuff. NOW.

I'm not good with patience. Never have been. I think it's boring. It's been made-up by pious adults and it never really delivers results. I'd rather get behind the idea of abundance and the power of NOW (all credit to Mr Eckhart Tolle). The idea that there is PLENTY of stuff out there for me to have, right NOW in this very moment. 

I believe that urgency breeds success. For me, that shit works and patience doesn't.

PATIENCE is not a word I like to use when I talk to clients about their careers, relationships, income or happiness. Patience is for little things like waiting for a bus to arrive a few more minutes. Spending...

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