POPPY DELBRIDGE: Life + Business Coach for working women
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SLAY COACHING with Poppy Delbridge

Helping conscious, proactive women achieve the life and work they desire with strategy and soul.


"Poppy is passionate about guiding already successful, high achieving women to continuously up-level themselves. She’s the wing woman and best friend you need in your life and with her winning, kick-ass system, you'll believe anything is possible. She is strong, passionate, and a joy to be around (not least because she’s a fashionista's dream) who just gets it and is on a mission to help you be the most successful you can possibly be. Poppy is a known force in the celebrity world and her supportive, go-getting coaching approach is a far cry from a bog standard business coach. There's nothing 'traditional' about Poppy - she spent 15 years working in TV alongside industry Execs and celebrities at the top of their game, so you’re guaranteed a creative, outside-the-box approach and left-field, winning thinking. "

Jessica Bendien
Celebrity & Talent Executive, Founder BANG TALENT

"A neurosis-free person who can work out what she feels, so knows what she wants AND GOES FOR IT. She invents fabulous TV formats that run and run, has a great relationship with her adolescent son and, (what I care about most), is my friend. "

Philippa Perry
Author, Psychotherapist + Red Magazine's Agony Aunt

"I first met Poppy ten years ago working in MTV. She’s always had such a brilliant work ethic and an infectious enthusiasm that she brings to all parts of her life. She’s an inspirational powerhouse of a woman and I doubt there’s anything she can’t do. She’s also a great friend."

Laura Whitmore
TV Presenter + DJ + UNICEF Ambassador

""There’s nothing ordinary about Poppy. Whether she’s pitching a new TV concept, presenting to an audience of hundreds or simply having a chat down the pub, she makes you engage with and see the world in a dazzling new light. And that’s a rare quality. She’s also disarmingly honest and very funny. “"

Martha Housden
Creative Director, BBC Studios

"Poppy is a rock star, her positive can do attitude and strength make you believe anything is possible and that you can go further in life than you ever imagined. Also... nice tits x"

Olivia Lee
Comedian, Actress + Broadcaster

"Poppy is dazzlingly creative but also one of the most inspiring and nurturing professionals out there. She's a warrior for women and the perfect person to have in your corner."

Alexis Price
Creative Director, TV Industry

"I have known Poppy as a powerhouse within the TV industry for years and when she mentioned she was a coach I jumped at the opportunity to work together. She is gentle yet does not let me get away with repeating past destructive patterns. She holds a space for me to grow and makes you feel like you are her Number One priority. I have learned and built more in the 3 months I have worked with her than the past 5 years and I find this huge value for money - no longer guessing which program or teaching to buy... but being trained by a real manifestation master. What’s great is that I know the best is yet to come! "

Rachel Harington
Entrepreneur and Wellness Consultant

"She is inspiring and intuitive, and her coaching style is motivating and strategic. Working with her has been a process of ‘unlearning’ and learning, and from the moment we began working together, I noticed that I have started thinking about my personal and professional goals in a completely different way."

Marika T
Academic, activist and writer

"She introduces certain tools to combat negativity, for me it was “tapping work”, and it’s proven a very useful practice indeed. Put simply, her positive vibe is contagious."

Louisa Connolly-Burnham
Writer and actress


I am offering SLAY Coaching outside of my private client base for a limited time via Zoom or phone if you are proactive and ready to be coached. Click below to schedule THE POWER HOUR: a one-off, strategic coaching session if you want to get some straight-talking, creative clarity in life or business FAST. If you are interested in knowing more about my private client packages, please email me at [email protected] directly for next available intake.


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